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Wind (Also known as Air) is a Slizer element.


The only Slizer element that is known to have no male users, as all Wind Slizers are female. Wind Slizers are usually seen along with their "male" counterpart, the Jungle Slizers on other planets, however this is rare on their home planet, Ventus.


Their allies are the Jungle Slizers and later the Psychic Slizers & Telekinesis Slizers. While their enemies are the Water Slizers, Ice Slizers (only to the winged Wind Slizers), Fire Slizers, Rock Slizers, Iron Slizers, Magnetism Slizers, Thunder Slizers, and Spark Slizers.

They are (on a "friendly", but some strange term) rivals with the Typhoon Slizers, Tech Slizers, Energy Slizers, and Life Slizers.

Known abilitiesEdit

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Known usersEdit

  • Aerona
  • Wind Slizers
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