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War Disks are Disks specially designed for combat.


War Disks are used exactly the same way as regular disks, except they have modifications. The known variations of War Disks are:

  • Blade Disks - The edges of there disks are sharpened, and can cut through most types of armor
  • Explosive Disks - These disks contain explosive material and explode when they hit their target
  • Poison Disks - These disks inject the target with a poison, which can do anything from shock to kill the target


Developed by Trigger during the early years of the Second Slizer War, War Disks were used in the fight against the banished elements. They were not issued until later in the war, when they became a turning point in the fight. After the war, the remaining War Disks were confiscated by the government of the Fire Region to prevent their use in another war. It remains to be seen if this method will work.

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