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Typhoon is an element.

Known AbilitiesEdit

Created by a powerful Water Slizer, Typhoon users have the ability to harness the power of storms, from rain showers to Hurricanes. Banished from the Slizer Planet Millennia ago, Typhoon wielders took up residence on the planet Terra. There they replicated the original Slizer society.

Some basic Typhoon powers are:

  • Manipulation of Storms
  • Creation of Minor Storms
  • Destruction of Storms
  • Powering their Disks With Storm Energy

Some more advanced powers are:

  • Summoning a Hypercane
  • Absorbing Entire Storms
  • Creation of Major Storms

The major weakness of a Typhoon user is that the use of their powers can greatly weaken them, as the storms they create are made from their own elemental energies.

Known UsersEdit


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