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This is an Alternate Universe Timeline of all events that had occurred or is currently on-going in Xion's storyline.


The Zero Reverse Elements Incident is the central point of this timeline; therefore all events should be labeled either Before the Zero Reverse Elements Incident (BZREI) or After the Zero Reverse Elements Incident (AZREI).



  • Unknown
    • Many galaxies and planet systems were created.
    • Aliens races were created and peacefully lived together on one planet.
    • A group of aliens from 10 different races joined together in an attempt to create Slizers with different elements and succeeded.
  • 100,000,000,000 BZREI
    • The Slizers' deities and their guardians are created.
    • Millenia, Judgement, Light and Dark Elements are created.
    • Millennium, Joi, Shima, and Shade are created and activated.
    • The Original 13 Elements and its Slizers: Fire, Water, Jungle, Rock, Ice, Wind, Earth, Energy, and Tech were created.
  • 99,999,999,000 BZREI
    • The other Elements were created.
    • The Original 13 Elements' Slizers became dominant and lived peacefully with their creators and the other alien races.

Shattering Peace-State of ChaosEdit

  • 80,000,499,601 BZREI
    • The other Elements became dominant and also live peacefully with the Original 13 Elements' Slizers and the alien races.
  • 44,614,888,052 BZREI
    • The tenth and final creator of the Slizers passed away from natural causes.
    • The alien races suddenly decide to all migrated and soon scattered across the galaxies.
  • 9,999,999,999 BZREI
    • The other Elements' Slizers decided to also migrated to different planets in two different galaxies, when the original planet could no longer could hold the expanding generations of Slizers.
    • The Original 13 Elements' Slizers decided to stay on their planet and named it, the Slizer Planet.
    • The Slizers' deities and their guardians scatter across the galaxies, but continued to watch over their respective Elements.
    • The Guardian of Death descended from its realm to co-exist with the Psychic & Telekinesis Slizers.
    • Project Zero Reverse Elements had begun.