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This is a Timeline of all events in the Main Slizer Storyline.


The Meteorite is the central point of this timeline; therefore all events should be labeled either Before the Meteorite (BM) or After the Meteorite (AM). Alternative Universes should not be marked on this timeline. For information on Alternate Universe Timelines, go here.


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Civil WarEdit

  • 50,000,000,000 BM
    • The inhabitants of the Slizer Planet form eight factions, and the Energy Region declares war on the Fire Region
    • All of the factions declare war on each other
    • Aquria was imprisoned and froze in the Ice Region for her "crimes"
  • 600,000,000 BM
    • The factions make peace with one another, and the Slizer Dome is built

The Age of PeaceEdit

  • Throughout
    • Slizers fight in the dome to settle disputes
    • A myth about a Slizer who betrayed her kind to protect the banished ones is known throughout the regions.
    • The Water Slizer, Thunder, is exiled for killing her opponent after her opponent surrendered.


  • 0
    • The Meteorite hits the Slizer Planet
    • The banished elements return to the Slizer Planet
    • Aquria is awaken and freed by her descendant, Tigress Aquria III
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