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The 12TR Universe is a fanon explanation to combine two alternate canon story lines of the Slizer franchise.


There were once eight planets, each with a different element and Throwbots guardian. These heroes worked together and fought evil in any shape or form.

The planets came under assault at one point by a terrifying creature known as the Millennium Bug. Although the Throwbots defeated the attack, with the aid of their ally Millennium, the 8 planets were fused together into one.

At some point, four of the Throwbots (Amazon, Granite, Electro and Jet) turned to evil, Jet determined to gain 'Solar Energy' with which he would be able to defend the planet from any other threats such as the Millennium Bug. Jet paid little heed to the risk involved, and in the climatic fight at the Slizer Dome, an asteroid storm fell, summoned by the concentration of Solar Energy, and demolishing half the planet.

From the ashes of the destruction arose Blaster, a fusion of Amazon and Jet. Spark also arose as a loyal servant of Blaster, a rebuild of Electro.

At present, no resolve has been concluded to this conflict.


  • At present, there are no details to the story. The official 12TR story is open to use by other story lines. Anyone may use the basis for their story.
  • Flare has not been specified as either a new species or character. It could very well be a rebuild of Granite, or a race of beings from in the asteroids.
  • There are two other beings similar to Blaster on one of it's discs. These could be creatures Blaster desires to summon, or perhaps instigators of the whole conflict.
  • There can be fanon Throwbots in the 12TR universe, even though the main idea has not mentioned them.
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