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SAM 2977
Affiliation Blaster, Bullet
Element Blaster
Weapons Disk Launchers
Status Alive
Location Troda 9

Snipe is a Blaster Slizer.


Snipe is a lone wolf type of a Blaster Slizer.  He once worked with Blaster and Bullet before they were killed on Lenon 3 by Gunner.  After that when the Meteorite struck he became a huge mutant Slizer.  All the Slizers now know is that he resides in secret on Troda 9 waiting for the remaining Slizers to discover him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is a very cruel Slizer and if anything, such as another Slizer, came in his way, he would kill it on sight. 

Abilities and GearEdit

He has 2 Disk Launcher arms above his head and he has random armor and shell bits sticking out in some places (earlier stated as he became a mutant.)

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