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 The 12TR-Unlimited Universe (12TR-U) takes place in the 12TR Continuity . Although intended as the fiction for the 12TR Continuity, it is still just one interpretation of many possible options.


All 12 of the official models are featured as characters, along with the combination models. Blaster is the combination of Jet and Amazon, while Spark is the remade Electro. Flare is the race of creatures that inhabit the asteroids and follow Spark, who is in turn allied with Blaster.


The world of the 12TR-U story takes place on the 8 planets and the destined single planet.

There are no humans in this story and there is no connection with Earth.

The main species of creatures living on the planets are known as the Rarten. These are not charged with elemental power or throwing discs like the Slizer's. They instead live out their lives as the populace, with duties ranging from construction, to police offices, and any other tasks required to keep their society moving. Their armor is often decorated in the colors of their home planet (e.g. blue for those from the water planet, red from the fire planet). They come in both male and female forms.

There is one leader of the 8 worlds, though eight Rarten represent their chosen planet in a council. These leaders plan the actions of the Rarten nation as a whole.

There are no neaby planets or solar systems, thought Rarten scientists have found that their world will eventually fly by a large cluster of star systems in the coming thousands of years.

Transportation is done between worlds by a mix of shuttles and transporters. The latter are generally used for short travel or only large amounts of cargo, as the energy consumption is quite high.

Changes from canon storylineEdit

  • Amazon, Scuba and Torch are female, rather then having all the Throwbots male.