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A Slizer is a warrior who fights for his or her Region.


When the Slizer Planet was created, Slizers were created to guard the Regions. However, most of the Slizers were banished when the 8 Regions proclaimed dominance over them. Peace remained for centuries until the Regions declared war on each other. The Slizers were forced to fight each other to the death on desolate battlefields until peace returned to the Slizer Planet.

Slizers fought in the Slizer Dome for centuries after the wars were over, until the Meteorite struck, plunging the entire Slizer Planet into chaos. The Meteorite was also responsible for the return of the banished elements. After the Meteorite struck some regions were destroyed and their Slizers were mutated into mutant Slizers like Blaster. Those Slizers were more stronger than regular Slizers and had more powerful weapons and Disks.

Common EquipmentEdit

Most regular Slizers carry one or two Disk Launchers, along with a pack of Disks, which they can hurl at their opponents. They use Disks for defense and they use them in battles in the Slizer Dome. These weapons can have various effects on the target, depending on the disk's own power level. Blaster had a staff with a Disk Launcher on both sides of it. Blaster also could keep a Disk in his chest.

Slizers also wear a visor that can protect their eyes from attacks from their opponents. Some visors have been rumored to have infrared and/or night vision modes.

Slizers also can carry secondary tools like Amazon's sword or Torch's flamethrower hand.

Notable SlizersEdit


  • Slizers are referred to as Throwbots by some, as the theme went by different names in different countries
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