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Scuba (Bioniclezilla76)
Affiliation Slizer Corporation
Element Water
Weapons Disk Launcher, Sea Gun
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Scuba is a Water Slizer in the service of the Slizer Corporation.


Scuba was made by the Slizer Corporation to create aquatic biomes and to clear the current one's pollution. He was designed to be extremely durable and has Scuba Gear to help him survive on his expeditions into the Sea. On such expeditions Scuba will collect samples of the wildlife he finds and brings it back to the Corporation for study.

Abilities and GearEdit

Scuba wields a water gun, varies pieces of scuba gear, and a Disk Launcher. His disks are unique, the only ones to be made of soap.


  • Scuba has more disks then any other Slizers because pollution is quite common in the water he examines.

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