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Titan Slizer
Affiliation None
Element Water
Weapons Disk Launchers, Torches
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet


Robotops is a massive Water Slizer. He was resting in his home when the Meteorite struck. He is currently searching the planet for Dynamo with hopes of meeting him in battle.

Abilities and GearEdit


Robotops is extremely powerful and has been known to be able to manipulate water into various shapes, move water with his mind, and cause massive waves.


Robotops uses two Disk Launchers. He also has two torches on his shoulders.


Robotops is valiant and friendly. He is devoted to his Region and his job, but he is always willing to crack a joke.


  • Robotops can be made using parts from Torch, Scuba, Ski, and Turbo. However, he is considered a separate entity.
  • On the back of the poster; there is a list of Disks that are owned by Torch, Scuba, Ski, and Turbo.
  • Robotops can be built with his instructions (that are literally printed up-side down to avoid any confusion with the building instructions for the Slizers/ThrowBots sets) which are found in each of the sets' separate instructions.
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