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Psychic is a Slizer element.


Psychic is a combination of the elements Life and Energy. Psychic Slizers are known to be allies with the Shadow Slizers, Chaos Slizers, and the Telekinesis Slizers (mostly short-term alliance). They are usually rivals (on a "friendly" term) with the Flare Slizers and the Death Slizers while viewing Tech & Judgement Slizers as their enemies.

Known abilitiesEdit

Psychic elementalists are experts in mental destruction and communicating with the dead. They have high mental endurance and concentration.

Basic Psychic powers:

  • Distort a Slizer's senses
  • Ability to use telepathy
  • Allow the dead to briefly possess them
  • Free the dead from any control

Advanced Psychic powers:

  • Shatter the target's mind into insanity (that could lead to death or the target becomes mindless)
  • Empowering the Disks and turn them into deadly explosives which can cause instant death or destruction
  • Create a Psychic barrier
  • Bring non-reality objects into reality
  • Disrupt or cancel out a Energy/Life element ability or attack
  • Allow the user to temporarily use the dead's abilities

Known usersEdit

  • Serina
  • Psychic Slizers
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