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Lenon 3
Position East of the Slizer Planet
Size Small
Population 0 Slizers, 0 Micros, Many kinds of wildlife
Status Unihabitable

Lenon 3 is a planet that is many miles away from the Slizer Planet.


Lenon 3 is the place where Slizer Drones are built. When a Slizer Drone is first made it is sent in a pod that goes to the Slizer Planet. If a Slizer Drone is chosen to become a Slizer it will be sent back to Lenon 3 and be deconstructed and rebuilt with better limbs and one or two Disk throwing arms. It is only possible for Slizers or Micros to go there with an oxygen breathing unit. Micros and Slizers always have to use an oxygen breathing unit when they go to Lenon 3. It was not affected by the Meteorite crash on the Slizer Planet. It is in the Slizer Galaxy and the Slizer Universe. It is right outside of the Broga System.


At Lenon 3 it is always the same temprature, which is 100 degrees. They have fire storms in the summer while in the winter they have ice storms, which is weird since it is 100 degrees in the winter. The land is barren and rocky. It is much like an uninhabited desert on Lenon 3. It is also sid that is has a core of highly flammable gas so if an explosion were to happen, the entire planet would blow up.


  • robots who create Micros and Slizer Drones
  • wildlife that can survive there

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