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Granite (Bioniclezilla76)
Affiliation Slizer Corp.
Element Rock
Weapons Drill Feet, Disk
Status Alive
Location Unknown

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Granite was a Slizer made by the Slizer Corporation to make soil livable for humans and to destroy boulders that are in the way. Neear the Slizer scientist camps, there were avalanches waiting to happen. Granite destroyed the rocks with his disk made out of lava. The boulders usually disinegrate and turn into dust when Granite throws them. Like all Slizers, Granite retrieves his disks from Garotoin's internal compartment. Sometimes, using his drill legs, Granite retrieves gems from the ground and mountains for the human's new "currancy" and also retrieves metals that can be used for economies and creating more rockets to go to Earth in order to retrieve other humans making Granite one of the most important Slizers.


Granite has a disk shooter on his back, four legs that crawl like an insect on a wall, and has drills for feet.

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