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Titan Slizer
Affiliation None
Element Blaster
Weapons 4 Disk Launchers, 2 Blasters
Status Alive
Location Slizer Planet


Dynamo was a general in the Alliance's Army.

Dynamo returned in the ruins of the Slizer Dome, just after the Meteorite struck. Not much is known about him, except that he is massive, towering over most other beings.

Abilities and GearEdit


The one confirmed power the Dynamo possesses is an uncanny accuracy with his Disk launching. He never misses. It is also assumed the Dynamo has powers that far surpass Blaster's.


Dynamo carries four Disk Launchers and two Blasters. It is unknown if he possesses any other weaponry.


Dynamo is suspected to be cruel and merciless, considering few have faced him and lived to tell the tale. It is also assumed that he is intelligent, due to the clever traps he has laid for his victims.



  • Dynamo is made using parts from Blaster, Flare, and Spark. However, he is considered a seperate entity.

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