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The only things allowed to be capitalized are names and titles (position names).


  • Torch launched his disk.


  • Torch Launched His Disk.
  • torch launched his disk
  • TorcH lAUnchEd HIS dIsK.

Page Titles

Page titles must follow the capitolization rules mentioned above.

The word 'the' may not be included in a title. However, if it is part of a name such as "The Cave", then, and only then, is 'the' allowed in a sentance.

If a character/object/location has more than one name, use the one most commonly used.

If a character/object/location does not have a name, it's page should be titled 'Unidentified Being', 'Unidentified Object' (unless the type of object is known, then you would substitute the type of object for 'object'), 'Unidentified Location' (This should rarely appear). If a character has a special occupation (Such as 'The Keeper of the Keys') then that should be the pages title.


  • Order of the Slizer
  • Blaster
  • Unidentified Being - Okay, but it would be preferable to have a more distinct title


  • The Order of the Slizer - It has a 'the' at the beginning
  • order of the slizer - 'Order' and 'Slizer' should be capitalized
  • Order Of The Slizer - 'of' and 'the' should not be capitalized
  • blaster - Needs to be capitalized
  • Unnamed Being - Everyone has a name

Sometimes users want to create their own version of a canon character. In this case, that user may create another article using the same name as that character (unless it has been changed in the user's timeine) with the user's username in parenthesis: ________(user's username).

American English

All articles must be written in American English. Do not use Google translate though, because it will look like random incoherent sentences.


All stories must be written in the appropriate spot in the Custom Slizer Wiki Fanfiction forum. All stories and reviews must follow the rules stated on the main page of that forum.


Crossovers are not permitted. Period.

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