Some users, known as Anonymous Users, do not bother to make an account. These users make a few articles, then leave and never return. These articles are marked by the {{Anon}} Template.

As stated in the template, all articles that have been made and left for twenty-five days maybe put up for adoption. All applications for adopting a page must be given here, with the following skeleton:

  • Name: ~Self-explanatory, must have link~
  • Date of Issue: ~Date on the {{Anon}} Template~
  • IP Address of Original Author (IP): ~Must link to contributions~
  • Your Username (Adopter): ~Link to userpage~
  • Reason for Adoption: ~Why you want the page~

The staff will get back to within a week.

~The CSW Adminstration

Adoption RequestsEdit

Archive is here

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