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Welcome to the Custom Slizer Wiki!

Welcome to the CSW, the Fanon Slizer Database! This is the place where fans of LEGO's short-lived theme Slizers (a.k.a. Throwbots) to come and share their creations. Don't know what Slizers are? Simply check out SlizerPedia and learn all about it! Then you can come back here and begin to post. So go ahead and create a page, or even edit a old one! And don't forget to read the Manual of Style!

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Featured Article


Pyro was apprenticed by Torch at a very young age. His training was intense, and it took him over four years to complete it. During that time, Pyro became a legend among the other Fire Region trainees. He was extremely skilled with disk throwing and excelled at melee combat. Read more...

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Featured Story

The Final Escape

When the battle between Millennium and Blaster started no one knew who would win. But now it was revealed that the evil Blaster won it. After the battle he traveled to the Fire Region to fight his old friend but now enemy, Torch. When he got there he suddenly remembered a secret way to destroy the whole Slizer Planet.

The above was written by Bane7, and is the beginning of the first story on this wiki. The Final Escape takes place after the end of the official storyline, and tells of Blaster's evil plan to destroy the Slizer Planet.

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Featured User

Furno XL.png

I have never done this before, so bear with me. This month's Featured User is Bane7, an up and coming user with a knack for catching errors. Bane has made dozens of edits, and recently wrote and posted the first story on the CSW, The Final Escape.

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