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SAM 0115
Affiliation Blaster
Element Blaster
Weapons Disk Launcher, Double Blaster
Status Deceased
Location Lenon 3

Bullet is a Blaster Slizer.


Not much is known about Bullet because when his element was banished from the Slizer Planet he went into a term of hiding and never left the Slizer Planet. All people know about him is that sometimes he would come out of hiding to attack Slizers from elements that weren't banished from the planet. He also was friends with Dynamo until Dynamo tried to kill Bullet for money from a Slizer who hated Bullet down to the core.

After the Meteorite Edit

He came out of hiding when his friend Blaster returned. He and Blaster split up to hunt down all of the other Slizers except for Flare Slizers and Spark since they were banished too. He does not know the whereabouts of Blaster since they split up and he also does not know if Blaster won or lost his battle with Millennium. Bullet's whereabouts are currently unknown except that he went to an island in the Water Region. He followed Blaster to Lenon 3 to help Blaster get revenge on the Slizers. Gunner thought he had killed Blaster and Bullet with Ultimate Power Disks, but they really survived that. He later killed Gunner by stabbing him to death. He did that because he wanted revenge because Gunner really did kill Blaster by stabbing him to death.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He has been known to be very cruel to all but Blaster. 

Abilities and GearEdit

He is very good at remembering things that happened even when he was created. He also has very good aiming with his Double Blaster and his Disk Launcher. He carries a Double Blaster and a Disk Launcher.


He is in the stories "The Final Escape" and "The Final Escape- Part 2."

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